Student Clubs

The BSSS IAS Student Life program provides opportunities and supports extra-curricular programming to supplement academic courses. Academic clubs, civic clubs, social clubs, recreational clubs and other student activities are part of Student Life. Every student looks forward to life at the college campus - a second home to explore and refine his or her passion. BSSS IAS provides opportunities for its students to discover themselves. Students Clubsare formed for the students who want a chance to pursue their diverse passions beyond the classrooms. Some groups are built for academic pursuits while others focus on shared interests and hobbies.

The guidelines are designed for students interested in forming or participating in any club of BSSS IAS. For further information, contact the Chairperson - Students Affairs.

Nature Club

Nature Club will work tirelessly to add up its contribution to improve the challenging environmental conditions. The coordinators and club members have to undertake various environmental friendly activities like tree plantation, campaigns against noise and air pollution and awareness campaigns amongst the society like "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle", "Swach Bharath Abhiyan" and "Save Water"

Chalchitra Vishleshan Club

The Chachitra Vishleshan Club aspires to cultivate an interest in identifying management movies and to offer platform to undertake student panel discussions and reviews, invite personalities from entertainment industries, and participate in film festivals, etc., to inculcate critical and creative thinking traits in students.

Sports Club

Sports Club is formed to provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sports and physical fitness and recreational activities. This club organises all the sports events - the major one being the "HIT Championship League", a 3 days sports tournament.

Art 'n' Soul Club

This club organises all the cultural activities of the institute, including plays, dramas, music, etc. At the club, students get an opportunity to display their talent and aspires to cultivate an interest in various genres of arts. The club conducts workshops on music and invites students to explore their talent in cultural celebrations, college fests, events and other activities.

Brand Mantra Club

Brand Mantra Club club was formed with the purpose of supplementing classroom learning with knowledge sharing and practical experience. It is the testing and learning ground for all the marketing enthusiasts at BSSS IAS. The club tries to analyse the marketing strategies of many successful MNCs in various domains and use these learnings to solve real life problems. The club also organises guest lectures by leaders in marketing arena and organises various marketing competitions like branding, Ad war events, case study analysis etc.

The Thinking Hats Club

Thinking Hats club is a platform run by BSSS IAS students to encourage everyone to think out of the box. The club provides a platform to all budding managers to ideate new business opportunities through workshops, guest lectures, brainstorming, discussion and mentorship. It provide an avenue to look for solutions beyond the predictable.

The FIN WIN Club

The FIN WIN Club aims to promote and boost interest in the area of finance and related activities and careers among the students community. It will serve the students by providing them with a professional, social and educational focus through seminars, guest lectures, workshops and simulation games like mock trading.

Biz Wiz Club

The club's focus lies on business quizzing. The club acts as a window to the business world, its current affairs, history, origins, and if one can extrapolate, one will get a glimpse of what makes great companies 'great'. The club prepares students for various inter-college and corporate competitions.

The Chanakya Club

The Chanakya Club aims to inculcate strategic thinking and help students develop analytical & consultative skills. Team Chanakya as we call it, is the mastermind behind quantifying managerial acumen of BSSS IAS students. The core of the club lies in extracting strategic thought from the students through interactive case studies and live discussions in the class.

The HR Club

HR Club focuses on issues related to Organisational Management. Club undertake various case studies, wherein the students study various organisations thoroughly, who then share their learning through interactive presentations with the entire student body. Apart form this, the club also undertake activities like Team Building games and Personality Analysis of the students thus enabling Organisational Learning over individual learning.